Metal Assault Review: Morbid Eclipse at Fern’s in Long Beach

Morbid Eclipse at Ferns

“What ensued over the next 30 minutes could be described as a sensory overload of epic proportions, as sonic carnage met visual captivation…Metal magazines and blogs of this planet, I am looking at you and counting on you to stop wasting time and ink on overrated, over-exposed and washed-up rockstars and instead shed some light on this clearly newsworthy band from outer space.”

~ Andrew Bansal, Metal Assault

Full Story here: Sons Of Satan, Morbid Eclipse & Others Level Long Beach

Metal Assault Review: Morbid Eclipse at Blacklight District Lounge

blacklight lounge

“Compelling music, high-quality equipment, great visuals, and an easily identifiable logo. Morbid Eclipse have it all to rule the planet, and if you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with them, you are strongly advised to do so and get yourself inducted into the atomic cult in the process, because a Morbid Eclipse live show is hands down one of the greatest things you will ever see.”

~ Andrew Bansal, Metal Assault

Full story here: Morbid Eclipse Inducts Long Beach Into The Atomic Cult

Deal With Witchhammer Productions Thailand


Witchhammer Productions Thailand has announced it will be re-issuing Morbid Eclipse’ “The Bomb Shelter Session” on an ultra limited, hand-numbered, and highly contemporary cassette tape.

When asked how he felt about the news, Z. Friedberg replied (with hyperlinks and all), “we are pleased to join the ranks of Witchhammer Productions’ great roster of bands, including SABBAT, Metalucifer, Toxic Holocaust, Nocturnal, ABIGAIL/BARBATOS, ANTEBELLUM666, Revenge, Skull Fist, NunSlaughter, etc…….”

Visit their website at Witchhammer Productions for some of the best underground METAL Earth has to offer!

New Inductee: Brandon Scott


December 6, 2014 Morbid Eclipse arrived in Santa Barbara, CA fully prepared to bring sonic devastation without any of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Rites of Ascension. However, as Morbid Eclipse approached their final destination, they spotted the brilliant golden aura of the Atomic High Priestess, Jen-For, and knew this could mean only one thing. A rare fluctuation in the fabric of space time had altered their timeline and an inductee had been selected to serve a key role.


Inductee Brandon Scott traversed the path of ascension and engaged in the Rites with eagerness. The High Priestess anointed Mr. Scott with the ritual space sacraments and the inductee immediately felt a heightened level of consciousness course through him.



The new inductee also received a 21st Century data disc containing his first mission. Mr. Scott’s first mission is to develop techniques for mass hypnosis and mind-correction through the use of lasers and electrical diodes.

Brandon Scott, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.

Road to SB

As requested for his first mission, Inductee Adam L. Murray joined Morbid Eclipse to document this trip and drink heavily. He performed his responsibilities with great aplomb.

New Inductee: Mike Rivas

Mike Rivas Induction

On September 5, 2014 during a highly auspicious ceremony, the Atomic High-Priestess, Jen-Al, of the First Galactic Order presided over the Rites of Ascension where Mike Rivas was welcomed as a new Inductee of the Atomic Cult. Mr. Rivas will play a key role in Morbid Eclipse’ efforts in this century to counteract the deleterious impact of the Chaos Storm. As his first mission, Mr. Rivas has been instructed to recruit prospective Inductees in the greater Los Angeles area. If successful, on his next mission the Atomic Cult will send him into the future on a secret assignment involving interplanetary espionage.

Thanks to the legendary 21st century extreme music documentarian, SexThrash69, for capturing the full performance and ceremony.

Mike Rivas, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.



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