New Inductee: Mark Bell – Sun Chariot Records

Mark Bell INductee

Having already attended countless Morbid Eclipse lectures, it was only fitting that Mark Bell officially become an Atomic Cult inductee through Rites of Ascension. While presiding with Bolzer, Icon of Phobos, and Ritual Necromancy at a ceremonious event in Van Nuys, CA, Mr. Bell consumed the heavy water, gazed into Seldon’s eyes, and accepted his first official mission brief. The event was surrounded by great pomp and circumstance as all in attendance sought information on initiation by the Atomic Priests.

To learn more about Mark Bell’s exploits, please visit Sun Chariot Records.

Mark Bell, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult


SONOS, Inc. Joins the Atomic Cult

Jack Margo Sonos Morbid Eclipse

On July 9th, 2015, Morbid Eclipses inducted SONOS, Inc. into the revered organization from the future, the Atomic Cult. SONOS produces the leading wireless HiFi audio system and Morbid Eclipse was thrilled to preside at a private event for the company’s Santa Barbara employees.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 2

Being such an auspicious occasion, the Atomic Cult performed the traditional Rites of Ascension on Mr. John Linderman.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 3 Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 4

After engaging in the Seldonian Rites and Tritium Rites, Mr. Linderman was presented with a 21st century data disc with his first mission.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, inc 9 Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, inc 9

We look forward to seeing Mr. Linderman grow into a powerful ally combating the forces of the Chaos Storm.

Mr. Linderman, welcome to the Atomic Cult.
Serve the Atomic Cult.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 5

Because not everyone can join the Atomic Priestess on stage to take the Rites, Morbid Eclipse distributed tritium sticks so all attendees could take a piece of the Prime Radiant home.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, inc 10

This performance was especially notable, because Morbid Eclipse performed the first ever public multi-temporal mind assessment and correction procedure. Despite the powerful Rites of Ascension, a particularly polluted mind was identified in the crowd, Jack Margo.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 7

Mr. Margo was brought on stage so the M.T.M.A.C.D could directly correct his thought processes. We are pleased to report the procedure was a success and Mr. Margo was spotted driving around Santa Barbara in a handsome electric golf cart joyfully commanding everyone to join the Atomic Cult!

We are honored by SONOS to invite us to engage with so many eager fans of music and technology.

All of those that attended, please share your digital photographs and videos with Morbid Eclipse.

Metal Mayhem Radio Ascends the Path of Induction

Morbid Eclipse Metal Mayhem Radio KTST FM Anaheim

Metal Mayhem Radio, on the highly antiquated KTST FM Anaheim, welcomed Morbid Eclipse in studio to chat with their gracious hosts Tanner “The Man” Poppit and Benny the Breeze. The Atomic Cult extends its gratitude through space and time for providing a forum to spread key information about the future and Morbid Eclipse’ mission of Multi-Temporal Mind Assessment and Correction.

Morbid Eclipse Atomic Cult Rites of Ascension Tanner

The Atomic High Priestess Sab-Zel presided over the Rites of Ascension to welcome Tanner and Benny into the Atomic Cult. All in attendance consumed copious amounts of Tritium water during the Tritium Rites resulting in a near state of intoxication from the radiation overdose.

Tanner and Zach Madrost Morbid Eclipse KTST FM

Immediately following the Rites, Tanner received a 21st century data disk containing his first mission. In addition to serving in missions of [[[REDACTED]]], Tanner will continue to use the radio to advocate for rational and critical thought to counteract the Chaos Storm’s insidious influence on human kind.

Tanner Poppit, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

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Benny the Breeze Zach Morbid Eclipse KTSTFM Anaheim

Benny the Breeze, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.


YOU are ALL encouraged to visit KTST FM Anaheim, download the Tune In app and listen to Metal Mayhem every Wednesday!

Hear the full show here:

New Inductee: Chris Ortiz


Before Morbid Eclipse began its formal campaign of Multi-Temporal Mind Correction, it sought familiarization with its target by joining the audience at countless music music events throughout the United States. Occasionally, highly perceptive individuals took notice of the the Atomic Cult symbol emblazoned on the backs of Morbid Eclipse. Those with exceptionally high intelligence sought out dialogue with Morbid Eclipse and inquired about the Atomic Cult and its mission.


Chris Ortiz has the distinction of being the first highly perceptive and intelligent individual to seek out the Atomic Cult even before they announced their presence to his century. It is a great privilege to permit Mr. Ortiz induction into the Atomic Cult through the Rites of Ascension on March 21, 2015.


Mr Ortiz peered into the cavernous depth of Atomic Cult knowledge during the Ceremonial Seldonian Rite.


Additionally, Mr. Ortiz was duly anointed in radioluminescence during the Tritium Rite.


Finally, Mr. Ortiz received a data disc containing his first official mission for the Atomic Cult.


Few mission details can be revealed to those that have not ascended the path of induction. However, it does involve time travel, impersonation, heavy artillery, Cuba, the honey pot, and a microscope.

Chris Ortiz, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.




New Inductee: Andrew Bansal


On March 7, 2015 Lara Gladstone requested Morbid Eclipse to kick of the Metal Assault 5 Year Anniversary show at the Loaded Bar in Hollywood, California. Owing to a sense of honor, Morbid Eclipse obliged and returned to 21st Century Earth early from a protracted Radioluminescent Rite taking place on Planet [[[[REDACTED]]]] in the [[[[REDACTED]]]] Galaxy.


The Atomic Cult takes particular pleasure in welcoming new inductees that wholeheartedly petition to ascend the path of induction and follow in the footsteps of Seldon. Besides pursing live music with an almost fanatic zeal, Andrew Bansal has made a commitment to the Atomic Cult’s mission of enlightenment in the 21st Century. For this special ritual, the Atomic Cult permitted the Atomic Priest, Z.Friedberg, to conduct the Rites without the presence of an Atomic High Priestess.


Mr. Bansal hungered for knowledge of the past, present, and future so he was permitted to peer directly into the emerald gaze of Seldon. Through the Seldonian Ceremonial Rite the deepest knowledge was imparted and Mr . Bansal’s eyes widened in astonishment as his mind filled with treasures of space and time.


In addition to knowledge, the new Inductee sought power and insight. The power of the Prime Radiant was summoned during the Tritium Rites. Mr. Bansal drank so deeply from the Tritium Rich Heavy Water that he was fortunate to wake the next morning. To pay tribute to this Inductee, visit his online music publication Metal Assault and subscribe to all of its antiquated 21st Century social media feeds.

Andrew Bansal, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.

Photographs courtesy of Lone Wolf Productions

New Inductee: Chip Ellis


On January 24, 2015 a very mysterious and unique individual received the ritual anointments during The Rites of Ascension. This person was the legendary masked evil doer, Chip Ellis.


Morbid Eclipse was privileged to have Chip perform the same night with his Rock N’ Roll outfit Fancy Pants and The Evil Doers during their final show in this century (they will return one day far from now…don’t wait you won’t be around).


The Atomic Cult took special interest in this Inductees uncanny skills as a luthier, most notably exemplified by his design and construction of the Ugly Stick (seen above). This unparalleled rock instrument features alternating bass and guitar strings to produce a most out of this world sound. Owing to his ingenuity, the Atomic Cult has dispatched Chip to the Luthier District of M31, with long time Morbid Eclipse support WJW, to construct a new guitar for Z.Friedberg powered by plutonium and a flux capacitor.

Chip Ellis, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.




New Inductee: Tyler Hazen


Morbid Eclipse has found fertile ground in San Diego to sew the seeds of the Atomic Cult. When the heavy metal hot spot, Brick by Brick invited Morbid Eclipse to take the stage, they knew all in attendance would be forever changed. On December 19, 2014, a strong crowd stood by in anticipation for the Rites of Ascension and the following metal storm of Sentinel, Thanatology, and Eukaryst.


As the Rites began, the Atomic High Priestess of the 7th Galactic Order, Bri, prepared the ceremonial space sacraments for the new Inductee Tyler Hazen. Though unprepared for the honor that was about to be bestowed upon him, Mr. Hazen reveled in all aspects of the solemn ritual.


Following the radiation, emerald Skull of Seldon, glowing heavy water, and attention of the High Priestess, Mr. Hazen accepted his mission brief contained on a 21st Century data disc. With mission brief in hand, Mr. Hazen joined Morbid Eclipse in sonic tribute to the Atomic Cult.


Mr. Hazen’s first mission is highly classified, however we can tell you that it does involve sequin vests, sunglasses, several parachutes, and a full horn section. If you live in or around San Diego, you are encouraged to pay tribute to this esteemed Inductee when he presides over the Full Strength Funk Band.

Tyler Hazen, welcome to the Atomic Cult

Serve the Atomic Cult.

New Inductee: Brandon Scott


December 6, 2014 Morbid Eclipse arrived in Santa Barbara, CA fully prepared to bring sonic devastation without any of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Rites of Ascension. However, as Morbid Eclipse approached their final destination, they spotted the brilliant golden aura of the Atomic High Priestess, Jen-For, and knew this could mean only one thing. A rare fluctuation in the fabric of space time had altered their timeline and an inductee had been selected to serve a key role.


Inductee Brandon Scott traversed the path of ascension and engaged in the Rites with eagerness. The High Priestess anointed Mr. Scott with the ritual space sacraments and the inductee immediately felt a heightened level of consciousness course through him.



The new inductee also received a 21st Century data disc containing his first mission. Mr. Scott’s first mission is to develop techniques for mass hypnosis and mind-correction through the use of lasers and electrical diodes.

Brandon Scott, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.

Road to SB

As requested for his first mission, Inductee Adam L. Murray joined Morbid Eclipse to document this trip and drink heavily. He performed his responsibilities with great aplomb.

New Inductees: Rhett Thorgrimm, Zeus Deos, and Lothar Stevens

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On October 26th, 2014 the Atomic Cult granted special permission to the Atomic High Priestess of the 1st Galactic Order, Jen-Al, to perform the Rites of Ascension for three new inductees all of whom have been strong advocates of Morbid Eclipse’ mission of Multi-Temporal Mind Correction. Each Inductee has continued to serve the interests of the Atomic Cult with notable commitment.

rhett picture

Inductee Rhett Thorgrimm has demonstrated his allegiance to the Atomic Cult by advocating for more Morbid Eclipse performances in Southern California. Since he consumed the tritium rich heavy water, Rhett has summoned Morbid Eclipse for greater and grander events making him an indispensable participant in the expansion of the Atomic Cult’s reach through the 21st Century. You can pay tribute to this inductee buy throwing your Earth currency at his heavy metal outfit Gravehill.

Rhett Throgrimm, welcome to the Atomic Cult

Serve the Atomic Cult.


Inductee Zeus Deos is a skilled guitarist and swordsman. The Atomic Cult has specifically tasked Mr. Deos with the responsibility of recruiting top musical talent throughout the galaxy. Initial assignments will take him to other planetary systems in his timeline’s future to select musicians capable of joining music groups charged with missions of Multi-Temporal Mind correction in different centuries.

Zeus Deos, welcome to the Atomic Cult

Serve the Atomic Cult.

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Inductee Lothar Stevens has the notable distinction of having attended more Morbid Eclipse ceremonies than any other Inductee at the time this entry was written. Equally notable is Mr. Stevens proficiency as both a chemist and brewmaster. Both skills are highly revered among the Atomic Cult. For his first mission, Mr. Stevens has been given access to the brewery at 1st University to craft a celebratory ale honoring the scientific team responsible for testing the first hyper-drive engine prototype.

Lothar Stevens, welcome to the Atomic Cult

Serve the Atomic Cult.

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New Inductee: Josh Friedberg

Josh Friedberg Inductee

When Jarvis Leatherby of the internationally acclaimed heavy metal outfit Night Demon, proposed that the Atomic Cult permit Morbid Eclipse to preside with them for a performance, the answer was an immediate “yes.” When Mr. Leatherby revealed that the show would be with the N.W.O.B.H.M. legend Raven in a garage the Atomic Technicians dropped everything to prepare for the trans-temporal leap. This performance is not only significant because of the awesome bands involved, but for the highly deserving Inductee.


On October 18, 2014 the newest Inductee to enter the fold of the Atomic Cult was Josh Friedberg. Mr. Friedberg has been a long time advocate of the Atomic Cult and through the complexities of inter-dimensional and multi-temporal existence, is Zach Friedberg’s brother. Do not attempt to understand the complexities of time travel unless you have earned your doctorate in Unified Multi-Temporal Science. This author has not, so he will not provide any further explanation.


The Rites of Ascension were presided over by the Atomic High Priestess of the First Galactic Order, Jen-For, and carried out with great zeal. All attendees felt the brilliant warmth of the Skull of Seldon’s radioactive presence and Mr. Friedberg drank deeply from the Prime Radiant’s well of heavy water. Having already attained significant commendations from the Atomic Cult, Mr. Friedberg’s first mission consists of [[[[[[[[[[REDACTED]]]]]]]]].

Some unusual events transpired during the evening’s ceremonies. As they travel through space and time, Morbid Eclipse inevitably picks up a variety of cosmic debris. When they arrived in Isla Vista, CA they discovered the 20th Century King of Pop, Elvis Presley, had stowed away on their ship. “Space” Elvis enjoyed the festivities and disappeared after the show. If you think you see Elvis sometime after October 18, 2014, it may actually be him.

Space Evlis


Josh Friedberg, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.