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Bulldozer Magazine April 2015

Bulldozer Magazine is now taking pre-orders for their latest issue. The first 300 copies come with the “Lost Angeles” CD Compilation featuring Morbid Eclipse among several other excellent Southern Californian based metal bands. Yes, we know that Morbid Eclipse is from the future, however we remind you that they are stationed in So. Cal and their drummer, Chris, is from the 21st century.

Magazine orders begin to ship Monday May 4th.

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Metal Assault Review: Morbid Eclipse at Fern’s in Long Beach

Morbid Eclipse at Ferns

“What ensued over the next 30 minutes could be described as a sensory overload of epic proportions, as sonic carnage met visual captivation…Metal magazines and blogs of this planet, I am looking at you and counting on you to stop wasting time and ink on overrated, over-exposed and washed-up rockstars and instead shed some light on this clearly newsworthy band from outer space.”

~ Andrew Bansal, Metal Assault

Full Story here: Sons Of Satan, Morbid Eclipse & Others Level Long Beach