Until Further Notice

Morbid Eclipse has been quiet on this forum, but has remained busy.  Here is a brief status update.


The new 8 track E.P. “Poison Winds” is mixed and mastered.  The Atomic Cult is evaluating the best course to release this work to the general public.  In the meantime, you can hear one portion of the record.  Click: Relics

Recorded at Trench Studios by John Hadad

Mixed and Mastered: Joel Grind

Cover Art: David Correa


A. Hicks had his head cut open and the M.TM.A.C.D. is monitoring his recovery and apply copious amounts of aluminum foil to his residence to ensure the Chaos Storm has not infiltrated his mind.

B. Chamberlin lost his arm in an a multi-temporal anomaly.  However, his arm has been restored after inadvertently killing a butterfly a visit to the 20th century.

C. Vega regarding the band’s status had this to say .

Z. Friedberg has invested his time heavily in creating visual art for the Atomic Cult.


Morbid Eclipse has suspended all formal inductions into the Atomic Cult while it re-evaluates its progress in this temporal era.  Questions have arisen as to the futility of correcting the vast social and political divide emerging in this century.   Stand by for further notice.

Metal Assault Review: Morbid Eclipse at Fern’s in Long Beach

Morbid Eclipse at Ferns

“What ensued over the next 30 minutes could be described as a sensory overload of epic proportions, as sonic carnage met visual captivation…Metal magazines and blogs of this planet, I am looking at you and counting on you to stop wasting time and ink on overrated, over-exposed and washed-up rockstars and instead shed some light on this clearly newsworthy band from outer space.”

~ Andrew Bansal, Metal Assault

Full Story here: Sons Of Satan, Morbid Eclipse & Others Level Long Beach

Metal Assault Review: Morbid Eclipse at Blacklight District Lounge

blacklight lounge

“Compelling music, high-quality equipment, great visuals, and an easily identifiable logo. Morbid Eclipse have it all to rule the planet, and if you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with them, you are strongly advised to do so and get yourself inducted into the atomic cult in the process, because a Morbid Eclipse live show is hands down one of the greatest things you will ever see.”

~ Andrew Bansal, Metal Assault

Full story here: Morbid Eclipse Inducts Long Beach Into The Atomic Cult

Metal Assault List: Top 14 of 2014

Screen shot 2015-04-04 at 5.15.10 PM

“Certain bands take a while to grow on a listener, but there are some for whom one mere performance is more than enough to create a long lasting impression. Orange County CA’s Morbid Eclipse most definitely comes under the latter, as this writer discovered first-hand at a garage show in Santa Barbara where the band put on a high-octane show of epic proportions and garnered the unanimous approval of first-timers. Their 2014 demo release ‘The Bomb Shelter Session’ destroys everything in its wake, and with a diverse blend of thrash, black, doom, sludge and death metal to go with an entertaining on-stage persona, Morbid Eclipse are set to turn some heads soon enough.”

~Andrew Bansal, Metal Assault

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