Morbid Eclipse is on Pandora

Pandora Morbid Eclipse Atomic Cult

Morbid Eclipse is now on Pandora, thereby launching the internet radio service into the distant future. Now go create a Morbid Eclipse station and curate the incredible bands Pandora matched up with them.

Pandora, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult

Metal Mayhem Radio Ascends the Path of Induction

Morbid Eclipse Metal Mayhem Radio KTST FM Anaheim

Metal Mayhem Radio, on the highly antiquated KTST FM Anaheim, welcomed Morbid Eclipse in studio to chat with their gracious hosts Tanner “The Man” Poppit and Benny the Breeze. The Atomic Cult extends its gratitude through space and time for providing a forum to spread key information about the future and Morbid Eclipse’ mission of Multi-Temporal Mind Assessment and Correction.

Morbid Eclipse Atomic Cult Rites of Ascension Tanner

The Atomic High Priestess Sab-Zel presided over the Rites of Ascension to welcome Tanner and Benny into the Atomic Cult. All in attendance consumed copious amounts of Tritium water during the Tritium Rites resulting in a near state of intoxication from the radiation overdose.

Tanner and Zach Madrost Morbid Eclipse KTST FM

Immediately following the Rites, Tanner received a 21st century data disk containing his first mission. In addition to serving in missions of [[[REDACTED]]], Tanner will continue to use the radio to advocate for rational and critical thought to counteract the Chaos Storm’s insidious influence on human kind.

Tanner Poppit, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult

Benny the Breeze Zach Morbid Eclipse KTSTFM Anaheim

Benny the Breeze, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.


YOU are ALL encouraged to visit KTST FM Anaheim, download the Tune In app and listen to Metal Mayhem every Wednesday!

Hear the full show here: