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Mark Bell INductee

Having already attended countless Morbid Eclipse lectures, it was only fitting that Mark Bell officially become an Atomic Cult inductee through Rites of Ascension. While presiding with Bolzer, Icon of Phobos, and Ritual Necromancy at a ceremonious event in Van Nuys, CA, Mr. Bell consumed the heavy water, gazed into Seldon’s eyes, and accepted his first official mission brief. The event was surrounded by great pomp and circumstance as all in attendance sought information on initiation by the Atomic Priests.

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Mark Bell, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

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Mind Corrected: Jarvis Leatherby

Morbid Eclipse Shielded Hat

The Atomic Cult has released footage of Morbid Eclipse conducting a public Mind Assessment and Correction ritual on Night Demon‘s frontman, Jarvis Leatherby.

Video: Sexthrash69

Mr. Leatherby had recently returned from an extensive European and American tour run which exposed his cerebrum to exposure from nefarious mind altering forces of the Chaos Storm’s pseudoscientific frontline. After all, the Chaos Storm targets individuals with strong charismatic personalities capable of influencing others. Considering Mr. Leatherby’s charm and the rising popularity of Night Demon in the global heavy metal subculture he is a prime target. Despite being a strong advocate for the Atomic Cult’s important work in the 21st Century, Mr. Leatherby’s subconscious mind revealed some irrational thought patterns–a clear indicia of Non-Terrestrial Alternate Gamma Wave penetration. Before the deleterious efforts could take hold an Atomic Tenchician shielded Mr. Leatherby’s brain from further penetration and Morbid Eclipse conducted Mind Correction.

Thank you for your cooperation Mr. Leatherby.

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