New Inductee: Tyler Hazen


Morbid Eclipse has found fertile ground in San Diego to sew the seeds of the Atomic Cult. When the heavy metal hot spot, Brick by Brick invited Morbid Eclipse to take the stage, they knew all in attendance would be forever changed. On December 19, 2014, a strong crowd stood by in anticipation for the Rites of Ascension and the following metal storm of Sentinel, Thanatology, and Eukaryst.


As the Rites began, the Atomic High Priestess of the 7th Galactic Order, Bri, prepared the ceremonial space sacraments for the new Inductee Tyler Hazen. Though unprepared for the honor that was about to be bestowed upon him, Mr. Hazen reveled in all aspects of the solemn ritual.


Following the radiation, emerald Skull of Seldon, glowing heavy water, and attention of the High Priestess, Mr. Hazen accepted his mission brief contained on a 21st Century data disc. With mission brief in hand, Mr. Hazen joined Morbid Eclipse in sonic tribute to the Atomic Cult.


Mr. Hazen’s first mission is highly classified, however we can tell you that it does involve sequin vests, sunglasses, several parachutes, and a full horn section. If you live in or around San Diego, you are encouraged to pay tribute to this esteemed Inductee when he presides over the Full Strength Funk Band.

Tyler Hazen, welcome to the Atomic Cult

Serve the Atomic Cult.

New Inductee: Brandon Scott


December 6, 2014 Morbid Eclipse arrived in Santa Barbara, CA fully prepared to bring sonic devastation without any of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Rites of Ascension. However, as Morbid Eclipse approached their final destination, they spotted the brilliant golden aura of the Atomic High Priestess, Jen-For, and knew this could mean only one thing. A rare fluctuation in the fabric of space time had altered their timeline and an inductee had been selected to serve a key role.


Inductee Brandon Scott traversed the path of ascension and engaged in the Rites with eagerness. The High Priestess anointed Mr. Scott with the ritual space sacraments and the inductee immediately felt a heightened level of consciousness course through him.



The new inductee also received a 21st Century data disc containing his first mission. Mr. Scott’s first mission is to develop techniques for mass hypnosis and mind-correction through the use of lasers and electrical diodes.

Brandon Scott, welcome to the Atomic Cult.

Serve the Atomic Cult.

Road to SB

As requested for his first mission, Inductee Adam L. Murray joined Morbid Eclipse to document this trip and drink heavily. He performed his responsibilities with great aplomb.

Metal Assault List: Top 14 of 2014

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“Certain bands take a while to grow on a listener, but there are some for whom one mere performance is more than enough to create a long lasting impression. Orange County CA’s Morbid Eclipse most definitely comes under the latter, as this writer discovered first-hand at a garage show in Santa Barbara where the band put on a high-octane show of epic proportions and garnered the unanimous approval of first-timers. Their 2014 demo release ‘The Bomb Shelter Session’ destroys everything in its wake, and with a diverse blend of thrash, black, doom, sludge and death metal to go with an entertaining on-stage persona, Morbid Eclipse are set to turn some heads soon enough.”

~Andrew Bansal, Metal Assault

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