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Morbid Eclipse has been quiet on this forum, but has remained busy.  Here is a brief status update.


The new 8 track E.P. “Poison Winds” is mixed and mastered.  The Atomic Cult is evaluating the best course to release this work to the general public.  In the meantime, you can hear one portion of the record.  Click: Relics

Recorded at Trench Studios by John Hadad

Mixed and Mastered: Joel Grind

Cover Art: David Correa


A. Hicks had his head cut open and the M.TM.A.C.D. is monitoring his recovery and apply copious amounts of aluminum foil to his residence to ensure the Chaos Storm has not infiltrated his mind.

B. Chamberlin lost his arm in an a multi-temporal anomaly.  However, his arm has been restored after inadvertently killing a butterfly a visit to the 20th century.

C. Vega regarding the band’s status had this to say .

Z. Friedberg has invested his time heavily in creating visual art for the Atomic Cult.


Morbid Eclipse has suspended all formal inductions into the Atomic Cult while it re-evaluates its progress in this temporal era.  Questions have arisen as to the futility of correcting the vast social and political divide emerging in this century.   Stand by for further notice.

Mind Corrected: Jarvis Leatherby

Morbid Eclipse Shielded Hat

The Atomic Cult has released footage of Morbid Eclipse conducting a public Mind Assessment and Correction ritual on Night Demon‘s frontman, Jarvis Leatherby.

Video: Sexthrash69

Mr. Leatherby had recently returned from an extensive European and American tour run which exposed his cerebrum to exposure from nefarious mind altering forces of the Chaos Storm’s pseudoscientific frontline. After all, the Chaos Storm targets individuals with strong charismatic personalities capable of influencing others. Considering Mr. Leatherby’s charm and the rising popularity of Night Demon in the global heavy metal subculture he is a prime target. Despite being a strong advocate for the Atomic Cult’s important work in the 21st Century, Mr. Leatherby’s subconscious mind revealed some irrational thought patterns–a clear indicia of Non-Terrestrial Alternate Gamma Wave penetration. Before the deleterious efforts could take hold an Atomic Tenchician shielded Mr. Leatherby’s brain from further penetration and Morbid Eclipse conducted Mind Correction.

Thank you for your cooperation Mr. Leatherby.

Serve the Atomic Cult

Historical Files: Tesla and the Atomic Cult

Morbid Eclipse Historical Files Tesla

Professor Hicks has once again uncovered a rare image demonstrating the Atomic Cult’s presence at key moments in human history. Despite modest efforts to conceal their traces, the Atomic Cult has been known to leave behind breadcrumbs tracing their trail to the future. But, why was the Atomic Cult in collaboration with Nikola Tesla?

Tesla is an excellent example of the type of mind humankind must cultivate to to ensure humans make it to their future. He actively pursued scientific advancement to continuously expand the bounds of human knowledge and understanding. The Atomic Cult sent envoys to 1916 to interview this brilliant thinker and develop a psychological profile relating to his desire for discovery and advancement. This profile resides within the Prime Radiant along with many other key profiles that help the M.T.M.A.C.D. assess and correct the most corrupted minds in the 21st century.

SONOS, Inc. Joins the Atomic Cult

Jack Margo Sonos Morbid Eclipse

On July 9th, 2015, Morbid Eclipses inducted SONOS, Inc. into the revered organization from the future, the Atomic Cult. SONOS produces the leading wireless HiFi audio system and Morbid Eclipse was thrilled to preside at a private event for the company’s Santa Barbara employees.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 2

Being such an auspicious occasion, the Atomic Cult performed the traditional Rites of Ascension on Mr. John Linderman.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 3 Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 4

After engaging in the Seldonian Rites and Tritium Rites, Mr. Linderman was presented with a 21st century data disc with his first mission.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, inc 9 Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, inc 9

We look forward to seeing Mr. Linderman grow into a powerful ally combating the forces of the Chaos Storm.

Mr. Linderman, welcome to the Atomic Cult.
Serve the Atomic Cult.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 5

Because not everyone can join the Atomic Priestess on stage to take the Rites, Morbid Eclipse distributed tritium sticks so all attendees could take a piece of the Prime Radiant home.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, inc 10

This performance was especially notable, because Morbid Eclipse performed the first ever public multi-temporal mind assessment and correction procedure. Despite the powerful Rites of Ascension, a particularly polluted mind was identified in the crowd, Jack Margo.

Morbid Eclipse at Velvet Jones for SONOS, Inc 7

Mr. Margo was brought on stage so the M.T.M.A.C.D could directly correct his thought processes. We are pleased to report the procedure was a success and Mr. Margo was spotted driving around Santa Barbara in a handsome electric golf cart joyfully commanding everyone to join the Atomic Cult!

We are honored by SONOS to invite us to engage with so many eager fans of music and technology.

All of those that attended, please share your digital photographs and videos with Morbid Eclipse.

Beware of the Chaos Storm


The Chaos Storm

The Chaos Storm is a growing fringe element in the present temporal era.  They are haplessly promoting social deconstruction that will shake the foundations of human civilization.  Through mental manipulation the Chaos Storm uses pseudoscience and critical-thought reversal the undermine human advancement.


Return here frequently to hear important messages from Morbid Eclipse and help eradicate the deleterious influences of the Chaos Storm before it is too late. Your progeny’s future depends on it!