Morbid Eclipse Historical Files Tesla

Professor Hicks has once again uncovered a rare image demonstrating the Atomic Cult’s presence at key moments in human history. Despite modest efforts to conceal their traces, the Atomic Cult has been known to leave behind breadcrumbs tracing their trail to the future. But, why was the Atomic Cult in collaboration with Nikola Tesla?

Tesla is an excellent example of the type of mind humankind must cultivate to to ensure humans make it to their future. He actively pursued scientific advancement to continuously expand the bounds of human knowledge and understanding. The Atomic Cult sent envoys to 1916 to interview this brilliant thinker and develop a psychological profile relating to his desire for discovery and advancement. This profile resides within the Prime Radiant along with many other key profiles that help the M.T.M.A.C.D. assess and correct the most corrupted minds in the 21st century.