New Inductees: Rhett Thorgrimm, Zeus Deos, and Lothar Stevens

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On October 26th, 2014 the Atomic Cult granted special permission to the Atomic High Priestess of the 1st Galactic Order, Jen-Al, to perform the Rites of Ascension for three new inductees all of whom have been strong advocates of Morbid Eclipse’ mission of Multi-Temporal Mind Correction. Each Inductee has continued to serve the interests of the Atomic Cult with notable commitment.

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Inductee Rhett Thorgrimm has demonstrated his allegiance to the Atomic Cult by advocating for more Morbid Eclipse performances in Southern California. Since he consumed the tritium rich heavy water, Rhett has summoned Morbid Eclipse for greater and grander events making him an indispensable participant in the expansion of the Atomic Cult’s reach through the 21st Century. You can pay tribute to this inductee buy throwing your Earth currency at his heavy metal outfit Gravehill.

Rhett Throgrimm, welcome to the Atomic Cult

Serve the Atomic Cult.


Inductee Zeus Deos is a skilled guitarist and swordsman. The Atomic Cult has specifically tasked Mr. Deos with the responsibility of recruiting top musical talent throughout the galaxy. Initial assignments will take him to other planetary systems in his timeline’s future to select musicians capable of joining music groups charged with missions of Multi-Temporal Mind correction in different centuries.

Zeus Deos, welcome to the Atomic Cult

Serve the Atomic Cult.

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Inductee Lothar Stevens has the notable distinction of having attended more Morbid Eclipse ceremonies than any other Inductee at the time this entry was written. Equally notable is Mr. Stevens proficiency as both a chemist and brewmaster. Both skills are highly revered among the Atomic Cult. For his first mission, Mr. Stevens has been given access to the brewery at 1st University to craft a celebratory ale honoring the scientific team responsible for testing the first hyper-drive engine prototype.

Lothar Stevens, welcome to the Atomic Cult

Serve the Atomic Cult.

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